Hexy isn't responding to PoMoCo commands

Make sure that Hexy is Turned on

With fresh AA batteries installed, the green light in the center of the Servotor32 board should be lit up green, without the USB being plugged in. This indicates Hexy is receiving battery power.

If you have the newer Hexy Power Board, you might have to turn the on swtich on until the power board lights up:



Make sure that Hexy is Connected to PoMoCo

The connection bar is at the top of PoMoCo. Initially, the connection status is red. 


With your Hexy plugged into USB, and after pressing auto-connect. it should change to green.



The Servos Might not be Enabled

This is indicated by the servo icons being greyed out, instead of white.


Click the 'Enable all Servos' at the bottom of PoMoCo to make sure the servos are enabled.




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