Sparki doesn’t appear on list of boards in SparkiDuino

Make sure you're using SparkiDuino, and not the vanilla Arduino

Alternatively, you can also install the boards for Sparki using the Arduino Board manager:

If you open up SparkiDuino and go to File > Preferences:
In the Additional Boards Manager Urls box, put in this:

Once you've done that, go to Tools > Boards > Board Manager.
With this open, select "ArcBotics Boards" (it might be at the bottom) and hit the install button that pops up in the lower-right. Your boards will re-appear.

If you accidentally installed an "update", you can reverse it by doing the following:

1.) Uninstall SparkiDuino
2.) Delete your arduino user files. They will be in your Documents folder, in a folder called "Arduino". 

In windows, this is:

C:\Users\<Your User Name>\AppData\Local\Arduino15
In OSX, its your "Documents" folder in finder

3.) Re-download SparkiDuino from the Sparki start page:

The board should come back. (and automatic update prompts will now be disabled)

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