Sparki doesn't respond to the remote

If Sparki is not responding to the remote try the following:

1.) Make sure Sparki is properly powered. Make sure 4 fresh AA batteries are installed, the On switch is active, and the green light is on.

2.) Have the remote pointed straight at the front of Sparki. the little black rectangle, in front, beneath the head is the remote receiver. 

3.) Make sure the thin, clear plastic tab at the bottom of the remote is removed, activating the remote.

The remote light is invisible (infrared light), but it is visible when viewed through a camera. If you have a camera such as a cellphone camera, you can view it through that and see if the light flashes when you press a button, as you can see in this video at the two minute, six second mark:

4.) Make sure Sparki is programmed with a program that works with the remote. The program Sparki is pre-loaded works with the remote, but uploading a new program erases this. You can restore the program Sparki came with by uploading the 'Restore Default' example in SparkiDuino:

5.) Likewise, you can test that Sparki is reading the remote by trying the ‘Remote’ example. It will show you the remote codes it reads:

  • If you were expecting movement, make sure that both fresh batteries are installed, AND that the on-switch is turned on. (non-moving things will work when plugged into USB, but moving parts will not)


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