Driver install causes blue screen with BAD_POOL

In all known cases, this has been caused by faulty manufacturer USB 3.0 drivers and chipsets. In the early days of USB 3.0, in a rush to get it out, some manufacturers issued non-spec chips and unfinished drivers (commonly noticed on the Microsoft Surface 2, for example).

This can be solved in one of three ways:

1.) Use a non-3.0 USB port
You can identify USB 3.0 ports by their blue inner color. Use one that has a black or white center. Be warned: some manufacturers don't even adhere to this standard. Macbooks don't use blue, and Razor laptops use green.

2.) Use a USB 2.0 hub. 
Using a USB 2.0 port on a USB 3.0 hub 'knocks it down' back to a USB 2.0 port, which resolves the issue.

3.) Update your USB 3.0 chipset driver
Sometimes the driver that came with your computer is outdated, and the issue has been fixed in a new version of the driver. Check your computer/motherboard manufacturer's website for an update.

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